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    MQSeries/JBoss MDB/3rd Party Messaging

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      I am using MQSeries 5.2 with Jboss 2.2.2 . As described in the forums , I first setup the Administartive Objects using JMSAdmin of MQseries . Then :

      4. Create a custom adapter - all i did was change the class name of the initial context factory in the JBossMQProvider class. (Suggestion to the Maintainers of JBossMQ - make the initial context factory configurable from the JMS provider loader mbean - no custom class would be needed then.)

      5. Create an external JNDI context


      The external.fs.props file was placed in $JBOSS_DIST/conf/default and contained


      Note: these values are the same as those in step 4.

      6. Configure your default JMS provider to use your custom class (also make sure that you have the StdJMSPool mbean loaded)


      My Jboss.xml file is as follows :

      <configuration-name>Standard Message Driven Bean</configuration-name>
      <destination-jndi-name> ivtQ </destination-jndi-name>

      But when i deploy my ear file , it throws an error saying ivtQ not bound . But they exist in the JMSAdmin context.

      If i set the
      <destination-jndi-name> queue/ivtQ </destination-jndi-name>

      and create a queue with the same name in the jbossmq.xml file , it deploys the ear properly , and my message is sent to the queue .

      But the MDB doesnt work and my message stays as it is in the MQSeries queue. Only the send part works , MDB doesnt seem to function . I am confused as to what is missing .

      Please HELP !!!!!!!


        • 1. Desparate help need to configure MQSeries with JBoss2.2
          Aanchal Newbie

          I am still fightin as to how do get MQseries 5.2 configured to Jboss 2.2 . I have managed to get a point where Mqseries has started to interact . But i am now gettin this funny error as follows :

          Unable to load message catalog - mqji
          [Container factory] WARNING: Using a non-XA QueueConnection. It will not be able to participate in a Global UOW
          [Container factory] Setting listener for session
          [Container factory] DEBUG Error in adding to pool: javax.jms.JMSException: MQJMS1010: not implemented Pool: org.jboss.jms.asf.StdServerSessionPool@2cbc86 listener: org.jboss.ejb.plugins.jms.JMSContainerInvoker$MessageListenerImpl@d3f0d
          [Container factory] WARNING: Using a non-XA QueueConnection. It will not be able to participate in a Global UOW .

          I tried hunting all over as to what the problem is and how to go about solving it . I desperately need help as to how to get Mqseries working with JBOSS .
          Please someone help out and tell me where am i going wrong and what should i do !!