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    Creating queues via URL not working

    garyg Novice

      I'm using the example in figure 8.41 of the on-line docs about creating a queue programmatically via a URL, or if I understand correctly, where there is no VM (so I'm doing this from a JMS client on a remote machine).

      Note that if I create the queue progrmmatically from withing the same VM, it works fine and I can verify it by looking at the page on port 8082. But if I do it via a URL, then when I try to do a lookup on the "QueueConnectionFactory" it throws a NamingException and I can look on the page on port 8082 and see the queue is not there.

      The value of action (from code below) is as follows ...

      Is that 'action=createQueue' in there twice correct? It's just as the examples show it.

      --- snip ---

      String method = "createQueue";
      String action = "action=" + method + "?action=" + method + "¶m0%2Bjava.lang.String=" + props.getProperty("builder.hostname");

      String arg = "/InvokeAction//JBossMQ%3Aservice%3DServer" + "/" + action;

      try {
      URL url = new URL("http", props.getProperty("fielder.manager"), 8082, arg);

      HttpURLConnection urlConn = (HttpURLConnection)url.openConnection();

      --- end ---

      Any help much appreciated.