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    Remote JMS Connection Factory Is Not showing up on Local JND

    Ivan O. Parra Novice

      I'm currently running JBoss3.0 and have been connecting to another machine for JMS messages. On deployment, everything works fine. My MDB are finding the correct RemoteJMSProvider and attaching just fine.

      The problem is when I attempt to grab a ConnectionFactory from JNDI. In 2.4.4, there where ConnectionFactoryLoaders that would bind a JMSProvider's connection factory to JNDI, but ConnectionFactoryLoaders are obsolete as of 3.0. After Searching some more, I found that the loading of the ConnectionFactories for 3.0 are now being done by the different ILservers(OIL, UIL, RMI, etc). The local JBoss Instance does not have an ILServer. What if the ConnectionFactory is for a remote server? How does the remote JMS put it's ConnectionFactory into the local JNDI tree? If I wanted to browse over any specific queues on these remote connections, how do I find the Queue from JNDI? If I specify the destinations within my local jms-destinations-service.xml, would the remote connection know that, while the JNDI references is to a local configuration, to really make a remote request?

      Ultimately I'd like to know:
      1) Is there an mbean entry that will generate a ConnectionFactory from a generic JMSProvider and bind this factory to JNDI? ie. do what the ConnectionFactoryLoader did pre 3.0.

      2) After I have a connection, what can I assume about the JNDI entry for Queue/Topics. Should they exist in my local jboss-destinations-service.xml or should the loader create the jndi entry for me? I can see keeping this JNDI entry up-to-date as being an issue, but that's a slightly different problem.

      Any Ideas?

      The only I found to get around this problem is to grab the JMSProvider directly from JNDI, grab its Context and make directy JNDI call from that context.