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    Java.lang.OutofMemory Error in MDB - Urgent

    SenthilKumar SenthilKumar Newbie

      Hi ALL & Jboss development team,

      I am experiencing the outofmemory error in MDB Jboss 2.4.4.

      I have written an MDB which primariliy calls a method in another class repeatedly.
      In that method, a stored procedure in a database is called and the results are manipulated.

      I tested those classes as an Java application and I don't get the OutofMemory error.

      In the attached files

      BMMessageBean.java is the MDB class.
      MatchEngine.java is the another java class whose method is called repeatedly.

      I am in deep trouble meeting my project schedule and wasted a lot of time. Please help me if you had encountered the same problem.

      Thanks & Regards,