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    MDB & Transactions

    Danny Robinson Newbie


      Can someone verify if the following is possible:

      I have an MDB that receives a message, updates Oracle then sends one or more further messages.

      Can I configure my bean in such a way that using Container managed txns, the message the MDB receives is acknowledged regardless of the success/failure of the resulting actions.

      If I understand the whole Container/Required txn setup, then if an MDB receives a message and at some point during processing it something fails, then the message will be rolled-back into the queue from which it came. So will that message not just be sent to another MDB in the pool which will also fail, effectively poisoning the system.

      What's the best way to achieve MDB->JDBC->JMS as above? Do I have to use Bean managed txns? Do they have to be XA if I use Oracle as the main DB and the standard JBossMQ setup?

      Help please...