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    transact-temp file is getting bigger and bigger!

    wujimx Newbie

      Hi JBoss expert,

      This seems to be a problem if one want to run JBoss for 7/24. We are using a mbean, as a publisher, to publish text messages to a not durable topic. A MDB, as the subscriber, to receive the messages and involve another stateless session bean to process the messages. After a healthy amount of time, the JBoss starts to print OutOfMemory error to stdout.
      We found that there is quite a big transact-temp file at Jboss/db/jbossmq/transactions.dat, this file is getting bigger and bigger when Jboss is running and the publisher keeps publishing msg, is there any way to reduce the size of this file when Jboss is still running?

      We are using JBoss2.4.4 on Sun.
      Topic session is created in this way "topicConnection.createTopicSession(false, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE)"

      Thank a lot.

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          Joel Vogt Master

          I remember similar problems to this. Actually we have had a 2.44 box running jms 24/7 for about half a year now, so it does work.
          What we had to do though is change the persistance used. The rolling logged method (default I think) didn't seem to 'roll' and just kept growing until it killed everything.
          The solution we used is to use file persistance

          <!-- The PersistenceManager is used to store messages to disk. -->


          (in jboss.jcml).
          Now this will be apparently slower, but I doubt if it will cause a major difference and it will work. (which is a major advantage).

          If this still doesn't fix your problem, I can only guess that either the session is not being closed properly or there is another issue that we can sort out.

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            Andreas Schaefer Apprentice


            I just fixed this for the Rolling Log Persistence Manager on JBoss 2.4.7. Therefore the transactions.dat? file will cause a roll over even when only non-durable messages from topics are received by a MDB.

            Note that a MDB has to use a transaction in order to reverse the reading of the message when the onMessage() method causes the transaction to roll back.

            Have fun - Andy