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    JBossMQ performance

    Jan Seda Newbie


      Does anybody know about performance tests on JBOssMQ? I need to know, if this product is stable and able to process thousands of messages in minute (about 10.000 messaages/minute) and to be stable.

      Thanks a lot for any idea or info.


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          Andreas Schaefer Apprentice

          I would be nice which JBoss version you would like to use.

          But for JBoss 2.4.x you need just enough memory to use it under high load but otherwise I know several clients using JBossMQ in production.

          In JBoss 3.0 the memory can be swapped out and therefore you should be able to run with less (but, of course, the performance is not that great then).

          Have fun - Andy

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            Alwyn Schoeman Newbie

            You mention memory. I was doing some jms testing and the
            performance was not that good.

            How do you assign more memory to jbossmq or jboss for that matter?