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    Queue Message lost until server restart. client in separate

    Eoin Curran Newbie

      I am running a JMS client in a JVM separate to JBoss-3.0.1RC1.
      Intermittently, I am finding that a message gets lost until jboss is restarted.

      I am using the default settings for jboss. If I look under db/jbossMQ/queueName I can see a file for the message. I can open a new receiver and continue working, but I will not receive that message. If I restart JBoss, the message does get delivered.

      This is happening in an acceptance test that I am writing. I am sending a message onto a queue which the component I am testing is receiving on. I poll (using a QueueBrowser) until the queue is empty. Then I tell the component to stop() it's JMS Connection. At this stage, I assume that all messages have been handled, and close my connections. It is in this circumstance that sometimes a message goes missing. I get a queuebrowser telling me the queue is empty, but the message is never delivered.

      I am using an AUTO_ACK session, and I think an OIL client (it's jndi:ConnectionFactory in default config).

      What does it mean for a message to be in the db folder but the QueueDepth to be 0?