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    mulitple publishers to same topic degrades performance

    Eric Chang Newbie


      I'm using the JBossMQ 1.0.0 Beta standalone server and have a single topic setup with a single durable subscriber and multiple publishers. I'm noticing a significant degradation in performance (messages start to lag by minutes) after the 3rd or 4th publisher comes online and begins publishing messages.

      My configuration is as follows:

      1. Using the (non-transacted) UILConnectionFactory provided by the UILServerILService MBean

      2. Using the rolling logged persistence manager

      3. Each publisher is a separate jms user

      4. Each publisher sends a small (<1k) message every two seconds.

      5. The onMessage() method of the subscriber takes on average less than 2 ms to execute.

      I did find a comment in the source code that said lots of small messages will degrade JBossMQ performance, but with such low bandwith, it seems unusual to have such considerable lag (and I don't experience any lag when there are only 1 or 2 publishers). Is this expected behavior, or am I missing something?