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    Kashif Rasheed Newbie

      Hi JBoss Gurus,

      Is addNotificationListener method of RMIAdaptor class correct?

      Here's it's signature.


      If I want to register listener to MBeanServer using this method because I am connecting to MBeanSever through RMiAdaptor, what to pass in first and second parameters?

      It's really confusing.

      Please assist with the help of code demostrating how to register listener.

      Thank You ALL for the help, in advance.

      Bu Bye

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          Andreas Schaefer Apprentice

          You are on the wrong topics list and also you should read the JMX JavaDoc.

          The first parameters is the object name of the MBean you want to listen for its notifications, the second is the object name of a MBean listener, third is a server-side notification filter and the forth is a handback object to identify notifications as a result for a particular registration.
          So before you can call this method you have to create and register the listener MBean with the RMIAdaptor.

          Have fun - Andy

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            Kashif Rasheed Newbie

            Can you please provide me with the code that how to create and register Listener MBeasn with the RMIAdaptor?

            Or what changes I have to made in my code.?

            I am new to this therefore asking asing such basic questions.

            Thanks alot

            Bu bye