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    Anybody planning to implement a distributed JBossMQ?

    Alex Sauve Newbie

      I was thinking of tackling this problem myself, it should be fun and pretty simple I would think by looking at the code... Is anyone currently working towards this endevour???


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          Andreas Schaefer Apprentice

          What do you mean with distributed JBossMQ ?

          The next challange for JBossMQ is to make it clusterable where the challange is to ensure that messages are only sent to one MDB and that a client can connect to any server withing the cluster and sent messages on the cluster JBossMQ.

          Beside the MDB stuff this is more or less what you have in mind with distributed JBossMQ, isn't it ?

          We are implementing the clusterable JBossMQ soon.

          Have fun - Andy

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            Hiram Chirino Expert

            "Distributable" might mean that you can setup a network of JBossMQ servers and that they can route messages to the correct destinations between them-selfs. I think some JMS providers call this a federation.

            I think that implementing a federation of JMS servers might satisfy 80% of the cluster related requirments customers might have.


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              Emerson Cargnin Newbie

              any news about it?? what's the current state of a distributed Topic or Queue.

              In the clustering feature matrix, form march 2002, there was some feature that were indicated as in development, one of them was Topics and Queues clusterables, could some one tell me what's the sate of those developments?? BTW, someone could update that doc, 'couse is something that call a lot of commercial users (mainly ones with money).

              Thanks in advance
              Emerson Cargnin
              TRE-SC - FLorianópolis / Brazil

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                Kanthimathi Namasivaya Newbie


                Has the JBossMQ federation been implemented?

                I have an application that has MDBs and durable subscriptions to Topics. The whole set-up is currently on a single box with Red Hat Linux 7.2 server and JBoss 3.0.4 with Jetty.

                I now have to move one Topic to another physical box with the same set-up. As I may have to move other Topics too in future, I do not want to look up the remote connection factory programmatically for the remote Topic(s).

                Is there a way of checking for the Topics locally, and if it is not there, search remote providers? Can you please help me with the steps? I have bought the Admin & Dev doc for 3.0, but that does not mention anything about setting up and connecting to remote Topics.