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    Performace issue

    rachana patel Newbie

      Hi Everyone,
      We are facing severe performance issues in our application, Here are some of the details which I think ca be useful

      1) We are on OAS 10.1.2, there is only one server with 1 JVM (768) and at one time at-most 300 users should be using it.

      3) JSF version 1.1_02

      2) It's a single workspace app, I use richfaces 3.1.4 for ajax.

      Here are the problems:

      Page at times takes forever to load, then if you re-hit it, it's fast.

      Most puzzling thing is, the most slow function called as "New Call", is just a clear function. When this button is clicked, it'll show hide different sections and clear fields from Managed Bean.

      Infact it's Randomly very slow on some of the clicks which merely go till managed bean and affect the style of the page.

      I could hardly get the issues in development phase, may be because I keep restarting the server.