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    Have you ANY working JMS client?

    Jan Seda Newbie

      Please! Could anybody send me ANY working JMS app on JBoss3? I am used to do JMS programming, but i am very tired with configuration of JBoss ad hoc according to its not existing documentation. I tested my JMS app on J2EE ref.implementation, iPlanet MQ, OpenJMS, SonicMQ but Jboss3 is not working! Please, send me ANY working app (just sending simple string message) that is working on JBoss.

      THanks a lot!!!

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          Andreas Schaefer Apprentice

          I am not Marc so I will not throw a SMD around here even you seems to deserve it. If you would just look at the download page of SourceForge or our documentation page you would FIND the fucking docu which contains some information about how to write a client.

          I have no idea what your problem is but to write a JMS client is simple and straight forward.
          So instead of BITCHING around about the docu why don't you come up with your problem and tell us what is not working. When you are looking for examples then check out the JBoss 3.0 testsuite (CVS).

          I hope that you one time will take your thumb out of your six and start working instead of complaining. But I guess it is easier to FUD around.

          Have fun - Andy

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            Jan Seda Newbie

            You would deserve to learn get some lessons on good manners! I wrote hundrets apps with JMS on Tibco, iPlanet or OpenJMS and it works. To write simple client on JMS is easy, but there with JBoss is a big problem!

            I wrote about the exception I got this exception on the examples provided by JBoss CVS:
            Exception occurred: org.jboss.mq.SpyJMSException: Cannot authenticate user

            I this expetion is from the example which is from docs on jboss! And i use Jboss3.0.0 with default config. No other services are running here. And i cant find ANYTHING about this in docs in jboss. Whats wrong i am asking about it?

            Regarding you comments...
            Your parents should spend some time to learn you how to speak with the others! I havent wrote anything to you and you behave like a pig here. If you dont have the example i was asking for, them why you're scolding here? Because you thing you're the best one who can insult other people, you're the One, the Best - nobody cant have different view from yours.

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              Peter Antman Expert

              Coold down.Pople are sensitive to FUD JBossMQ has been working like a charm for a long time.

              Have you search trough the archive first? Perhaps looked at http://www.jboss.org/modules/bb/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=forums/ have also seen some posts about JAAS not working properly in some JDK.


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                Detlef Schulze Newbie

                The one who should cool down here is schaefera. Great code is no excuse for behaving like a 5 year old. Very distracting style.

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                  Joel Vogt Master

                  Great code is always an exuse for behaing however the hell you want ;)