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    A4J On reRender of a panel:  displays old data

    Greg Kasi Newbie

      I have a nast JSF question.

      My page contains the collowing code.


      <c:forEach begin="beginIndex" end="endIndex" items="myItems" var="item" varStatus="itemCounter">
      <c:if test="item.isDisplayable">

      <myTag:displayItem item="${item}" />


      When I first enter the page. All of my Items display correctly.

      However, when I kick off an a4j:commandLink, I update my beginIndex and my endIndex to signify I want to display a different set of items. The indexes update correctly, and are correctly printed when I reference the value in ${itemCounter.index}.

      The problem is, it still displays the data for the previous items.

      indexes are updated, but old data is displayed.

      I am assuming that when reRender=true, it causes a FULL refresh of all JSF components inside the panel, forcing new ones to be created etc....

      any reason why I still get stale data?

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.