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    Local class not compatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUI

    Kevin Urciolo Newbie

      [Mon 8/12/02 12:24:46 EDT]-[STDERR] : javax.jms.MessageFormatException: IOE
      xception: MYCLASS; Local class not com
      patible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID=-1360488834610350222 local class seri

      Do you guys have any ideas what is causing this? I have verified that I am using the same lib files on both the client and server. I made sure the classes were the same by taking the same jar for deployment and using it on the client.

      Serialization works with atleast two classes I know of. My request message is wrapped in an ObjectMessage. It makes it to the MDB fine. I also have an exception message that is wrapped in an ObjectMessage. It makes it back from the MDB to the client if something goes wrong server-side. Even the success response message is returned without problems to the client. It is an instace of another object inside this message that is failing with the serialization exception.