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    Remote MQSeries & MDB

    Peter Kelley Newbie

      I have been having a look at the MQSeries/JBoss MDB/3rd Party Messaging thread about integrating MQSeries with JBoss locally but what I need to do is slightly different.

      One of our customers has an MQSeries server and we need to connect to it to get messages into our application. We do not plan to install an MQSeries server locally.

      Would it be remotely feasible to have a MDB in our local JBoss server being driven by a remote MQSeries queue ? How hairy would this be to set up ?

      The alternative would be to have a Java application that polls the remote server for messages and then requeues them to JBossMQ but I am worried about trying to support distributed transactions across these two systems. Any other ideas ?

      Peter Kelley