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    JBoss MDB's not able to find MQSeries queues

    vinod Newbie

      I'm using a file naming service for binding the MQSeries queues. MQSeries Server is on Windows NT and JBoss is installed in Solaris. JBoss has been modified to look into this file naming system so that the JBoss MDB's can listen to the MQSeries queues. I'm binding the queues using the MQSeries IVTSetup by pre-pending "queue/" before the queue names, so that JBoss MDB's can successfully listen to them. The problem is that while looking up the queues, MQSeries java library is truncating the "queue/" from the "queue/TestQueue". This causes problem as JBoss is not able to find the bounded queue name and gives javax.naming.NameNotFoundException. Is there any work around for this?
      Though, this works fine on JBoss with NT and in case of Solaris normal listeners (non-MDB) also work fine.