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    WLS5.1 access to JMS Queue from JBoss 3?

    Rich Foyle Newbie

      Has anyone successfully been able to connect to a Weblogic 5.1 JMS Queue from within JBoss?

      I'm trying and am experiencing classpath issues.

      The error I receive is:
      [java.io.InvalidClassException: weblogic.jms.common.JMSConnectionRemote_WLStubMissing no-arg constructor for class]]; - nested throwable:

      Of course, I have a version of the class in my ear with a no arg constructor, and If I remove the class I get a ClassNoDefFound error.

      I've found that JBoss 3 classloading scheme only allows for one version of a class in its repository. So there are dependencies in the WLS code that need a different version of core javax classes.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


      PS. The code works fine in a standalone client.