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    Question: max and HighMemoryUsage settings in jbossmq-servic

    Colin Yates Newbie


      I have a queue setup which I use *mostly* to provide asynchronous activity.

      The main use of this is to log in the DB what the user does. I do this by creating an instance of an IOperation interface which a MDB then picks up and executes.

      All these messages are non-durable, and they happen frequently, but are very small.

      However, I sometimes use this queue to generate reports, in which the IOperation actually sends the results back on a temporary queue.

      My question is this; if the maximum size of a message can be about 60M should the max and HighMemoryMark be at least 60M or are they unrelated? The 60M result never sits on the queue for longer than 2 seconds.