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    RMI - IIOP - CORBA - C - C++

    Rob Newbie

      Hello all,

      I've seen posts previously about using c or c++ to put messages on JMS. I know about codemesh and there product, but I don't want to have to run a JVM inside of my app just to send a message from c. Instead I would like to be able to connect directly from c, or c++ to JMS. People have mentioned doing this before, but they always speak about having to reverse engineer the wire protocol used by Jboss MQ because all data / objects are passed by Java serialization.

      Jboss MQ provides an RMI Interface layer. Why not compile the RMI interface layer with IIOP and also generate an IDL so that a CORBA c or c++ client could be built to connect to it? Even if the RMI IL could not be immediately recompiled to use IIOP it shouldn't be too tough to modify the existing RMI IL to allow IIOP.. Or even build a new IL that is built to allow IIOP from the beginning.

      I have never done RMI or IIOP or Corba, but I have been researching it a great deal (specifically with the interest in building a corba / IIOP client to Jboss MQ). So, I may be way off base... but at least it's an idea.

      I've played with the Jboss MQ build and modified it to try and do IIOP and IDL generation during RMIC and I get this:

      [rmic] Verify has been turned on.
      [rmic] RMI Compiling 2 classes to C:\temp\jboss-mq\messaging\output\classes

      [rmic] IIOP has been turned on.
      [rmic] IIOP Options: -always
      [rmic] IDL has been turned on.
      [rmic] IDL Options: -always
      [rmic] error: java.rmi.server.RemoteServer is not a valid remote implementation: has no remote interfaces.
      [rmic] 1 error

      Obviously from what I have said before.. I don't have the skills at this point to figure out what is causing the problem, or to fix it. But I am posting all of this in the hopes that one of the Jboss MQ developers could "fix" this and get it to work fairly easily.

      Ultimately I am hoping an IIOP / CORBA client could be built fairly easily / quickly and it just simply hasn't occured to anyone yet. DOH!?

      If I'm completely wrong / off base then sorry for wasting your time.