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    JBossMQ MessageCache Clean-up

    Stephen Kendorski Newbie

      JBoss 3.0.0 JBossMQ, 1 non-durable test-topic, multiple publishers and subscribers (using selectors), file PersistenceManager. With really low (or zero) High/MaxMemoryMark values, CPU usage is way-up and messaging performance is awful, uping the High/Max memory values just postpones the problem. When the memory limit is reached, cpu usage goes way up, and messaging slows WAY down. I am just unzipping the download, using the default server and running. Nothing fancy (Windows 2000, 512MB RAM).

      I do have the line of code:

      How do I get JBossMQ to run for an extended period without a performance hit cleaning up non-persistent messages (I am not using persistent messages).

      I tried using the "rollinglogged" PersistenceManager but on Server start-up of jbossmq-service.xml I get a:
      DeploymentException, unable to locate method for: getInstance(), etc.

      What am I missing here?