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    Correlating JMS queues (messaging clustering approach)

    Kristoffer Gronowski Newbie

      In this time of redundancy and high availability i have encountered a interesting problem that I guess many other has to. The problem is when you try to correlate many queues into one central queue. An example is if you have two JBoss servers running as front-end service machines and you have a central logging server that should collect the logging data.
      One solution would be to use Log4j with the JMS appender and have a JMS queue on the logging node that collects all the data. This approach is fine but if you want to be sure to not loose any logging events you must also put JMS queues on the front end machines so if the logging server is rebooted or taken down for a wile. Then all the logging messages are kept in the local JMS queue.
      Then when the central node is back up all the messages are sent to it.
      The ambition is to keep the local JMS queues empty as much as possible.

      This can be accomplished by using MDB on the local nodes.
      But the question is shouldn't there be or is there a way to configure the JMS system to perform this kind of services so that it is just a matter of configuration?

      I guess that this might have something to do with the general JBoss clustering concept so that the JMS system can fit in. This shouldn't be to strange if you also consider that SMTP servers needs to handle e-mail in the same way.

      So should I write own MDB's or is there a way to configure JBossMQ to do this for me?

      //Regards Kristoffer