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    Using JBossMQ in a non-J2EE context

    David Weitzman Newbie

      Is it possible to use JBossMQ as a JMS implementation in any old app, or do you need the whole JBoss server to chug along? What would it take to do this?


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          David Weitzman Newbie

          This seems to be a common question and I managed to find as good an answer as I can expect on older posts. The JBoss website ought to answer common questions like this.

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            Andreas Schaefer Apprentice

            Hi Geeks

            It is a little bit annoying to hear that JBoss ought you something. Isn't it the other way around that the users of JBoss ought us something for giving away the application server to you.

            But on the other hand it would be nice to know of which version you are talking about. It seems that currently in JBoss 3.0 you can just use JBoss reduced to the minimal server and add only JBossMQ. The JBoss core is so small that it hurts you much.
            On JBoss 2.4.x it does seems that we will release a new version of the standalone version except someone volunteers for it.

            Have fun - Andy

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              David Weitzman Newbie

              It isn't clear from the 25mb distribution size that there is such a thing as minimal server. I just did download JBoss 3.0 (since I get the idea that the JMS stuff in there might be more recent than the seperate JBossMQ release) and the minimal plus my own stuff may be exactly what I'm looking for -- convenient JMX and JMS support all at once. Now if only I could figure out what's going on with org.jboss.system.Service and org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport -- do those classes actually exist or what? But I'll take that discussion to the JMX forum.