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    need info regarding JBossMQ

    Bhramara Newbie


      I need info. regarding JBoss and its details...Please help me regarding this.

      We have plans to use JBoss for Messaging service in our project. Please provide me the info.

      1. Do U have any JBoss benchmarking on performance in terms of Messaging service? If possible can U please share those details with me.
      2. Do U have any docs about JBoss.
      3. Can U please provide me the link to download JBoss freeware, so that I can install on my Sun Solaris machine.

      But I have downloaded 'JBoss-3.0.2.zip' from Downloads of www.Jboss.org. I hope its same server installation for both windows and solaris. But I'm perticularly interested in JBossMQ, as it is for messaging and JMS provider. Now how can I install and start running JbossMQ on solaris. For this what are prerequisities, do I need 'JBoss-3.0.2' installed on my machine, but it looks J2EE based web app server....

      looking for ur reply
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          Joel Vogt Master

          JBoss will run on any java enabled machine, the only difference is the way to start it, either a batch or shell script.
          1. Performance will depend on what you do with it. The best way is to download it and test
          2. Look at the quickstart guides at sourceforge.net/projects/jboss.
          3. Can download off this site or from sourceforge for more versions.

          Just download and start jboss. You can now start writing your jms apps.

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            reddy reddy Newbie

            even I need info. on JBossMQ. help me!!!

            I need some simple sample Publisher and Subscriber model example of JBossMQ. If I run JBoss-3.0.2 server, and run the sample programs can see the output of publishing and receiving.

            looking for ur help