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    Impossible to recover topic connections from network outage?

    BillPhillips Newbie

      We are developing an application that uses JBoss message topics to communicate between nodes of a system.

      We are trying to build some failover code so that the durable topic subscription connections are closed and then re-established when we receive exceptions from the client background thread.

      In testing, we produce these exceptions by removing the network cable from the machine and then reconnecting it.

      When we receive the exception from the background thread, our attempts to close the topic connection after the network cable has been reconnected exception out with a message starting with "Cannot unsubscribe."

      Because we cannot unsubscribe, jboss believes that the previous topic connection is still alive. Therefore, attempts to create a new topic connection result in an InvalidClientID exception when the client ID is set on the connection.

      Thus, it appears that it is impossible to automatically recover from a network outage scenario.

      We are using jboss 3 on windows 2000 w/ jdk 1.4.

      Does anyone have any insight into this?
      Any work arounds short of restarting JBoss each time?

      Thanks in advance.