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    MDB with Container-Managed Transactions Not In JBoss 3.0?

    Elias Ross Master

      Has anyone here gotten JBoss 3.0 to work with container-managed transactions for message-driven beans?

      It seems to me, JBoss is totally ignoring the assembly descriptor. For example, specifying "trans-attribute" as "NotHere", I get no error:




      I get a "debug" message saying that my message-driven bean has no home interface or remote interface. Looking at the code for, I notice that in:


      if( localHomeClass == null || localClass == null )
      log.debug(metaData.getEjbName() + " cannot be Bound, doesn't have local and local home interfaces");

      Am I doing something wrong, or does this not work in JBoss 3.0?

      Thanks -- my company helps support JBoss.