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      It seems that JMS implementation by the Jboss is not supporting the routing of messages according to the application specific properties. Is it excepted behaviour?

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          Jayakumar Newbie

          Since i am not getting any reply, i think the question is not clear. Lets make it clear. Here is the query:

          The publisher is sending the message with some application specific properties to the topic. These properties are set using the method Message.setStringProperty(String, String).
          For example,
          message.setStringProperty("A", "A");
          message.setStringProperty("B", "B");

          The subscriber is got using the method
          TopicSession.createSubscriber(topic, messageSelector, true) where messageSelector value is:
          "A='A' AND B='B'".

          MessageListener is also set to the subscriber.
          The onMessage method is never called.
          But when the subscriber is got using the method
          TopicSession.createSubscriber(topic), the onMessage method is called with the published message.

          Please reply me where i am going wrong?

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