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    Warning message with MDB

    dmx Newbie

      I get this message when my message driven bean comes into action. Can anyone tell me what this is abt?

      [exec] 16:02:37,423 WARN [LocalTxConnectionManager$LocalConnectionEventListener] prepare called on a local tx. You are not getting the semantics you ex

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          Adrian Brock Master

          You are attempting to use a non XA resource
          in transaction with an XA resource.

          Non XA doesn't have two phase commit.
          The non XA commit could fail (one phase) while the other
          resources are committed.
          Probably not what you want, hence the warning.


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            Elias Ross Master

            You probably need to use the XAConnectionFactory (look under $JBOSS_HOME/docs) for your database connection, not the usual LocalConnectionFactory. You may also consider just using the NoTxConnectionFactory, which doesn't have 2-phase commit, but hides those warnings.