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    Can't receive published messages?

    kellyschrock Newbie


      Does anyone know of any problems with JBossMQ working with pub-sub messages? I have a JMS Topic publisher that publishes a message to a specific topic. I can actually see the file representing the message showing up in
      %JBOSS_HOME%/server/default/db/jbossmq/file/blah/blah. No errors occur when I publish the message. On the receiving side (running in a different JVM on the same machine) I can connect to the same topic, create a subscriber, start the connection, etc. with no errors. However, no matter what I try, I never get the message. The reason I ask is because I have the exact same code running with a different brand of MQ, and it works fine. Is there something I haven't set up correctly in JBoss? I've defined the topic(s) in the configuration, and I'm using the standard config:

      Can someone clue me in as to what else I need to do???