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    Oracle 9iAS and JBossMQ (and vice versa)

    Paul Manning Newbie

      I have been able to deploy a MDB to JBoss that makes a durable subscription to a topic on JBossMQ. Great!

      What I am wondering is... we would like to have
      - MDBs deployed to Oracle 9iAS that consume from JBossMQ
      - MDBs deployed to JBoss that consume from Oracle AQ JMS

      Do this sound possible? (Oracle claims to be compliant and they have a resource provider.)

      I have read through the JBoss documentation, but have not been able to create a resource adapter in JBoss for Oracle AQ. I'm not saying its not in the documentation. ;0) I just still have not been able to do it!

      Can anyone one assist me in how to create a resource adaptor for a non JBossMQ JMS Server on Jboss? Namely AQ in this instance. And also how to configure the MDB to consume from this JMS server?

      Also what are the properties that I would have to confiure in 9iAS so that I could configure the JBossMQ resource adapter?

      Help with any of my many questions would be greatly appreciated!