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    Message Driven Bean connecting in other server

    Cristiano Burg Newbie

      What should I do in my local server configuration to my Driven Bean receive messages posted JMS Topic located on a remote JBoss server. I'm using jboss 2.4 on both servers.

      PS: I have many servers and I need all of them to connect in one centralized JMS server. What should I do?

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          Robert Chartier Newbie

          You need to modify the jboss.jcml file, located in conf/default.

          Find the section marked with <!-- For message Driven Beans -->. Under this section aply the following changes:
          1- add an attribute tag named "ProviderUrl" and value of centralJBossMQHostName:1099
          2- Change the connection factories (Queue & Topic) from java:/XAConnectionFactory to RMIXAConnectionFactory.

          So far, this setup works great for me!

          Good luck!