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    Queues and clustering

    Neil Davis Newbie

      we plan to implement the following architecture:

      internet|firewall|tomcat(load balanced)--->JBossMQ<----|firewall|-----jboss app server cluster.

      Is it possible to run JBossMQ in a clustered environment so as to present a single logical queue, spread across the cluster?

      If possible I want to let JBoss handle the redundancy, but I could write this redundancy into the code if necessary.

      The reason for this is that security policy requires that we not allow 2way communication through the dmz<-->internal firewall. We are only allowed to listen for requests and get them from DMZ for processing.

      I plan to do this via a routing listener which routes messages, based on header information, to the right components for processing.

      I have a prototype built, but am a little fuzzy on how to make a redundant queue, where JBoss handles the redundancy.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.