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    behavior of Session.recover() - in CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE mode

    Amit Shetty Newbie

      I am trying to use CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE mode, and am running
      into something interesting. I dont know if this is the
      expected behavior or not.

      When I call session.recover(), and I look at the MBean
      for the Queue, I see that the message is not back in the
      queue yet. THe message gets back in the queue only when
      the connection is closed. I traced the exact point where
      this happens, and this is in OILServerIL.java,
      connectionClosing() when the out buffer is flushed.

      My quesion is, is this the right behavior? I had kinda
      been expecting the messages to get back in the queue once
      recover was called.

      The reason I am asking this question is that I am trying
      out Messenger (a JMS pooling implementation) and there the
      connection does not get closed, so it is a problem

      Thanks in advance for any help!