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    Receivers on inactive queues

    Adrian Brock Master

      If 200 clients subscribe to a topic with no messages,
      200 threads are used in the server to wait for a message.

      The clients should register their interest and return.
      The server can push the messages when they arrive.


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          Adrian Brock Master

          Scrap that, I remembered this is wrong :-)
          It actually does what I said it should do.

          The thread problem is when pushing the messages.
          If a message arrives for a topic with 200 consumers,
          200 threads can be created to push the messages.
          The thread pool then forgets 190 once the message
          is delivered.
          It recreates 190 on the next message.


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            Hiram Chirino Expert

            Is the pool miss-configured??

            If we max out the pool to say 50 threads, let the pool queue up rest of the 150 the work requests.. do you think this would help.

            I think we might have tried something like this once, but we were getting deadlocks. Never did pin-point the root cause of the deadlock.