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    Dynamic Topic/Queue Creation which survive server restarts

    Edward Curry Newbie

      Theres a few posts on this forum which deal with the dynamic creation of dynamic topic/queue using the JMX interface. Any queue/topic created in this manner will only live for the duration of the server life and will not survive a server restart.

      In order to create a 'permanent' queue/topic we need to alter the jbossmq-service.xml and jbossmq-destinations-service.xml files.

      Everything right so far ?

      I need to be able to create and remove 'permanent' queue/topics. The most obvious way i can think of doing this is by adding some code to the server which edits the above files.

      Now here comes the questions....

      Has anyone already done this ?
      Would anyone else find this usefull ?

      i have a few ideas for implementation...
      add a method to the JMX interface createPermanentQueue(...).
      Alter the present JMX methods to edit the files...
      Create a new bean to alter the files, this would avoid me having to jump into the JMX interface...

      Im new to the open world so any advice would be great!

      All the best,