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    overwriting the ajx rendered area

    Nitin Nair Newbie


      I have a form, which consits of two input fields. The value in the second field is defaulted to the value in the first field using a4j:support. However there is a requirement, that a user should still be able to modify the second field.
      I am using the following to do this:

      <td class="txtField">
      <h:inputText type="text" id="emailAddress" value="#{addNewUserBackingBean.newProfile.emailAddress}" class="txtLong" />
      <a4j:support event="onkeyup" action= "#{addNewUserBackingBean.updateNovellUserId}" status="wait" reRender= "novellUserId" disableDefault="true"/>
      <td class="txtField">
      <h:inputText type="text" id="novellUserId" value="#{addNewUserBackingBean.newProfile.novellUserId}" class="txtLong" />

      By doing this, whatever I enter in the first field gets populated in the second field. However I am unable to modify the value in the second field. It always defaults to the first field..

      Any idea what I could be missing..???