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    Sending messages at the specified time

    lakshmi Newbie

      Hi all,

      I want to send a message to topic.
      while sending the message i set the setJMSTimestamp to 1000 for the message.
      But the receiver is either receiving the message immediatly or the receiver doese'nt receive the message at all.

      I want the receiver to receive the message after 1000 milli seconds as set in the message JMSTimeStamp.

      Can any body solve this issue.


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          Nathan W. Phelps Novice

          This is not what the JMSTimestamp is for. In fact, according to the JMS Specification, the JMSTimestamp value is set by the provider during the send method. You will need to implement the desired functionality in your application. I would recommend that you scan the JMS Specification to obtain a fuller understanding of the technology. Additionally, please direct all user questions like this to the user forums above.