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    JMS C/C++ client

    lynlvL Newbie

      I'm currently looking at a C/C++ client to connect to a
      JMS BUS. Does JBOSS JMS supports such feature ?

      Thanks for your answer


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          Nathan W. Phelps Novice

          As far as I know, not currently. However, there is some discussion in the user forum from an individual who has implemented an OIL client in C#. You could do the same in C/C++. However, an easier way would be to use CodeMesh Courier (www.codemesh.com/en/evaluation_jmscourier.html).

          Or, if you're on Windows and want to do COM you could take a look at Active JMS (active-jms.sf.net) which I wrote to bring JMS to the COM world.

          By the way, in the future, please direct questions like this to the user forums above.