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    MalformedObjectnameException: missing domain

    garyg Novice

      I'm getting a "MalformedObjectNameException: missing domain" and am wondering what the variable queName is supposed to be set to.

      String adaptorName = "jmx:myServer:rmi";

      try {
      RMIAdaptor adaptor = (RMIAdaptor) ctx.lookup(adaptorName);

      ObjectName name = new ObjectName("jboss.mq:service=DestinationManager");

      RemoteMBeanServer server = new RMIConnectorImpl(adaptor);

      ObjectName queName = new ObjectName("myQueue");

      boolean registered = server.isRegistered(queName);

      String[] sig = {"java.lang.String"};
      Object[] arg = {"myQueue"};

      if (registered) {
      server.invoke(name, "destroyQueue", arg, sig);

      server.invoke(name, "createQueue", arg, sig);

      Any help much appreciated.