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    Right configuration for MDB with JMS as managed resource (XA


      I hava a problem configuring my MDBs with JMS as a managed resource on JBoss 3.0.4.
      I am using Oracle with XA as persistent store for JBossMQ.

      My example:
      Two MDBs sending messages to each other on different queues. Acknowledge and committing should happen in the same XA transaction.

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <configuration-name>My Message Driven Bean</configuration-name>
      <configuration-name>My Message Driven Bean</configuration-name>

      How do I have to use the <destination-jndi-name> tag? As I did above (the real jndi name) or as I did in the commented out version (the managed jndi name as link to the real jndi name)?

      The problem with both versions:
      when I use the managed jndi-name, the MDB is never invoked (indeed StdServerSession is never invoked).
      When using the real jndi-name, StdServerSession starts with useLocalTX=true (acknowledging messages even when the global tx is rolled back afterwards.

      What should I do? One of those must be a bug, right?

      Thanks in advance,