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    MQseries MDB causes JBoss to stop processing

    Tristan Newbie


      Any insight on the following probelm would be greatly appreciated!

      I am integrating MQSeries 5.1 and JBoss 3.0.0 (I am using this version of JBoss as I could not get it working with 3.0.3). The application is running on Solaris 8.

      I have however encountered two major probelms for which I cannot find a solution.

      1) When JBoss initially starts and I put more than one message of a particular type (each type being processed by a particular class) I get a java.lang.CircularClassException (The class reporting the probelm seems to be different every time I get the Exception). This never happens on subsequent concurrent messages going on the queue.

      2) The JBoss MDB happily processes messages concurrently from the queue until it reaches the Maximum Size specified in the container-invoker-conf in standardjboss.xml. i.e. it has a default of 15. I send 18 messages to the Queue at the same time. JBoss processes the first 15 and then stops processing altogether. If I up this value to 20 the 18 messages get processed as expected.

      After the number has been reached JBoss won't shut down normally requiring a kill -9 to stop it!

      Any help more than welcome!


      Tristan Bane

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          Tristan Newbie

          I appear to be getting closer to the source of the probelm

          The ClassCircularityError is originating from a call to a Castor generated classes unmarshall method!
          Commenting out this code makes all the other errors disappear! However I am still not sure why this is happening.
          The call to unmarshall is located in a class called from a Stateless Session Bean which is in turn called from an MDB. The issue occurs when more than one session bean attempts to unmarshall at the same time (as far as I can tell).

          If anyone has come accross a similar probelm please let me know!

          I am using the Sun JDK 1.4.0_02 for Solaris


          Tristan Bane