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    First message is lost when network is down

    Alexander Rabinowitz Newbie

      I have a problem using JBossMQ.

      I have a transacted queue.
      I have JBoss 2.4.4 running on my Windows 2000 server computer. I use Java 1.3.1_06. The server sends messages to a transacted queue.
      I also have a remote client, connected to JBoss, which is trying to read JMS messages from this queue, and located on a remote location on the net.

      Then the network connection is lost.
      So, the remote client cannot properly close QueueConnection, because a proper network connection is required for that. That is where the problem occurs.
      When the network connection is reestablished, the client is trying to reread the JMS messages from the queue. However, it looks like the first message is lost. Even though it has never been
      read and no corresponding transaction is committed, it is lost.
      All the other messages are accepted OK by the remote client, who has to open new QueueConnection. But not the first one. When I look at the queue with
      QueueBrowserExample class, this message does not appear. However, when I restart JBoss, it appears back to the queue, and is perfectly delivered to the remote
      client, who is now able to receive the message.

      The problem does not have a workaround, and I really do not know what to do with it.
      Does anybody have any idea what to do?

      Actually, I see that the same kind of problem has been noticed by a number of people - it is present here on the forum in the following posts: