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    Performance: JMS vs. Database

    Ahmed Newbie

      I need to log to the database a transaction
      I could log directly to database as a 1st option.


      make an MDB for logging and send to the JMS
      queue whenever I need to log something.

      I wonder which way is better for performance,
      considering that even in JMS in I need to
      open/close connection, which will take some time?

      any idea or suggestion?


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          Mark, Holczhammer Newbie

          If u using Oracle as RDBMS then forgot the JBossMQ, use Oracle Advanced Queuing instead (remarkably faster).

          Open and Close is costly, but if u have the ack for the message then the message is safe (as in an inserted record after commit) if u use persistent messaging.

          I suppose JMS is for inter application communication, not for logging. E.g. log4j is a logger.