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    MDB lifecycle failure - non-compliant behavior

    Andrew Collins Newbie

      I am doing a "flood test" of an MDB
      using the new JDBC2 PersistenceManager
      and getting some very, very odd results.

      I am sending 10 messages into a Queue,
      in less than a second, but my MDB only
      fully processes maybe six of seven of
      them--sometimes not even five are fully

      I have placed try/catch wrappers around
      every conceivable failure point in the
      MDB, but the MDB just "dies" sometimes.

      I sincerely believe that something is
      dreadfully wrong with JBossMQ as I have
      traced the hashcode's of each instance
      of the MDB's that "dies" (but no runtime
      exception is ever thrown by anything!)
      comes back to process other messages
      without being dumped as I thought was
      what the specification states *should
      not* happen, except in the case of a
      failed transaction--not in the case of
      a runtime exception occuring.

      Has anyone had any similar problems with
      sending many messages at once to their MDBs?