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    Number Of Reconnect Attempts

    Manish Gulati Newbie

      I would really be grateful if someone can help me out with the issue i am facing. I have deployed MDB on JBoss appserver which is listening on a particular queue located on Fiorano MQ server. I send messages on FMQ, and they get received properly by the MDB and I can see proper output on the JBoss console window. Now, I shutdown my FioranoMQ server and restart it and again publish certain messages on it. JBoss tries to reconnect to FMQ server and gets reconnected properly and receives the messages published. Howerver, if due to some reason, the FMQ server gets shutdown again, then JBoss is not able to reconnect to the FMQ when the FMQ is restarted. Is there any limit in JBOss on the Number of Reconnect Attempts in order to connect with the JMSProvider.

      Kindly help me out with this issue