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    Problem in  resolving external IP address in JBoss :

    Nagaraj Newbie

      I am facing a problem while running Jboss2.4.4 behind the Firewall. The sun box ,where am running the Jboss server ,has both
      Internal and External IP address and a NAT server that converts the internal Ip address' requests/responses to the
      corresponding external IP address. I have a JMS client(Applet) program that request for a QueueConnection using
      UILConnectionFactory with ProviderURL as the external IP address. I am able to get the JNDI InitialContext and the
      ConnectionFactory object but the client(Applet) is trying to open a Queue connection to server's internal IP address rather
      than external IP. I just want to know whether it is a Jboss problem or NAT(Network Address Translation) server problem.
      If it is a problem with Jboss , please let me know if you have any solution.