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    Bug in message selector evaluation

    Vaughn T. Combs Newbie

      I believe that I have found a bug in org.jboss.mq.selectors.Operator.

      In the methods lt() and le() you are, I believe, erroneously testing the second argument. Rather than != I believe that it should be ==.

      This truncates the second argument inappropriately when it is a double.

      I have attached a test run demonstrating the bug and the effect of the patch.

      Also, obviously, I have attached a patched version of Operator.java.

      I have checked the source for the most recent distribution v3.0.6 and it seems to be there as well.

      The interesting lines are 373, 376, 384, 387, 409, 412, 420, and 423 in Operator.java

      Take Care,