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    Help: Queues Consumption Performance Paradox - can JBoss mak

    Ivan Vaghi Newbie

      I hope someone in the forum can give us a hand on this.

      We have been using jboss for some time in a project, mainly as a JMS server.

      However we have now hit a performance problem that we cannot solve and that does not appear on other application servers.

      Our architecture has a producer of "jobs" that are put on a queue. Several consumers, from the same or different PCs can get jobs from the queue and carry them out. This architecture was designed to allow the plug-in of processing power on demand.

      However, as we started adding consumers, processing times started to increase linearly with the number of consumers rather than decreasing!

      This has put us in a position where either we solve the problem or we have to switch to a different application server... which we don't really want to do.

      Do you guys have any advice on how to solve this?