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    Unexpected client termination & java.net.SocketException

    Niels van Eijck Newbie


      We have clients creating a temporary JMS queue. Associated with this queue is a stateful connection to a server process of our own.

      When the client is closed in a normal fashion, we close this connection and terminate the JMS queue.

      Our problem occurs when a client(or JVM) is terminated abnormally. We see the java.net.SocketException being caught by the JBoss IL, but our own connection is still open, which is something we don't want.

      I tried setting the Exception Listener on javax.jms.QueueConnection (server side), but the exception is never thrown outside JBoss.

      Does anybody know of a way to get a notification to our own server code when a JMS client connection is "cut off"?

      Thanks, Niels.

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          sankas75 Newbie

          Looks like I am also facing a similar proble. We have a remote JMS Client listening to Queue on the JBoss server. I am seeing no problems when the listener is shutdown using Ctrl-C . Exception is thrown at the JBoss side and the message gets redelivered to another remote listener since we use CLIENT_ACK mode. But when I remove the Network Connection for the remote listener exception is not thrown at the JBoss side and the message does not get redelivered to another remote listener. Which I think is a BUG. I am currently using JBoss 3.2 RC1. I think the JBoss gurus should say something about this behaviour. Are we expecting a bug fix here.

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            swedish-johan Newbie

            We have the same problem on JBoss 3.0.4 running on Red Hat 7.3.

            Someone somewhere in this forum said that there is dead-lock problems in that version and that it should be fixed in 3.0.6.

            Let me know if you find anything out!!!!!!