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    Messaging system or memory cache

    Binoj V Newbie

      I am implementing a system, which need to send information (e.g. ball by ball description of cricket match) to the mobile users. I also need to send some static information (e.g. Player background, other details etc). There is an application (already developed) running in mobile phones, which will continuously pull the information for 'ball by ball' description. But for static data the user has to initiate the request. (Both cases mobile application/user will constantly pull data from the server via HTTP requests) There is a content source, which provides both types of data. They push data in XML format to my system. I need to capture the data and send to the users on request which is coming from application running on mobile or initiated by the user.

      I am planning to store both types of data in database (static data only once). Then a session bean along with a DAO or helper class can serve the purpose. For static data I think this will do.

      But for dynamic data (ball by ball description) in addition to being stored in the database, may also be placed in a cache location (memory cache, message queue. I am confused about it. Pls comment on his..

      As content source may run outside the app server, would there be any benefit in using a messaging system, instead of the database to send the data to the application? Any thoughts?